Pure Products Pure Business

The first decision made while giving birth to Mother E, was to bring
honesty and transparency to the business of essential oils. As a Pending
Certified B Corporation—with eligibility to apply for full status in April 2017—
we have committed to uncompromising standards of social and
environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

Our sustainable sourcing strategy, rigorous supplier standards and thirdparty
testing, ensure the quality and purity of every one of our oils. We
also fully disclose all ingredients and seek out ways to reduce, reuse and
recycle resources in our packaging and product development.

Our absolute product promise is to deliver high-quality, environmentally
responsible and pure essential oils directly to you—with no direct selling
company in between.

We look forward to sharing regular updates on our B Corp Certification
journey, and are excited to be a part of the vision of B Corp—to redefine
success in business.