Melissa & Jesse Firth Alchemist & Visionary. Mom & Dad. Artist & Boss. “Purity is necessary.” “Jesse and I are obsessed with your blends! I have tried most of the oil brands out there but I must say Mother E oils are my favorite, no question. I can tell they are pure oils and to me purity is necessary. I love diffusing the oils, rubbing them on the bottoms of my feet, dabbing Lavender around my toddler’s ears before bed and Jesse uses EARTH::GROUNDING on his skin and in his beard after he showers in the morning. He says it’s better than any cologne he’s ever used. The Elements Collection has helped to keep me grounded, and when I feel grounded, I am a lot more in tune with my purpose in life.”
The Elements Collection Inspire a deeper connection to the world around you. Go inward. Give yourself the gift of getting grounded, finding balance, achieving clarity and living with passion. Add to cart Learn More
Susan Shepard Wise Woman Warrior. A Grand Mother. Retired Educator. “Feeling a big difference!” “I try to live an active life. I like to bake, cook, read, quilt and, of course, spend time with my grandkids. At 67, I find that stiffness and swelling in my joints and hands has limited the activities I’m able to enjoy. My children suggested I try ELIXIR № 2–MUSCLE & JOINT to see if it would make a difference. I started putting a few drops in my lotion and rubbing it into my hands each morning and night. After only a couple of weeks I’m finding I can now do things that other people may take for granted: opening a jar, curling my hair, typing and tying my shoes. I’m so happy to say that I’m feeling a big difference! Thank you Mother E.”
The Elixirs Collection The four oil blends included help to support homeostasis, equilibrium and stability in the body. Crafted for Immunity, Muscle & Joint, Respiratory and Digestion, each combines the art + magic + science of nature. It’s the true essence of alchemy. Add to cart Learn More
Kandyce Marie Abreu Powerful Woman. Wife & Mom. Professional Singer. “I got this!” “I love love love The Enhancers! I mainly use them as a daily fragrance. I love that they are all natural and I can choose which blend to wear based on my mood or what I’m wanting to accomplish each day. When I’m feeling romantic and wanting to connect with my femininity I put on PURE LOVE. I can’t get enough of TRUE JOY! It lifts me up and gives me that extra boost to take on my busy days… I think this is the best smelling blend I have ever tried! On top of being a wife and mom, I work full-time, so when I’m feeling down and overwhelmed I reach for REAL HOPE and DEEP GRATITUDE to give me that little moment of peace and reminder that... “I got this!”
The Enhancers Collection Aromatically and topically infuse every day with whimsy, romance and connection. Represent your mood in fragrance or use each essence to personify how you want to show up. Express your life by bringing PURE LOVE, REAL HOPE, DEEP GRATITUDE and TRUE JOY in to every day.” Add to cart Learn More