Mother E Diffuser


Whether bringing a sense of calm or boosting the mood and energy in a room, the Mother E Diffuser is ideal for use with our single oils and blends. The simple, pure and clean-looking lines beautifully blend in with your room decor. And the ultrasonic cool mist doubles as a whisper quiet humidifier. Features auto shut-off, seven LED color lights to add ambiance to the room, and four timer settings so you don’t have to remember to turn it off. 200 ml.

How to Use

Please refer to the “Aroma Diffuser User Manual” for operational instructions, precautions and maintenance.

  • Place the diffuser on a flat surface, then remove the cover by pulling up.
  • Connect AC adaptor to the jack on the bottom of the diffuser.
  • Using a measuring cup, fill the diffuser tank to the maximum fill line inside. Please do not exceed this line. Use cool water only. Add 3-4 drops of essential oil to tank. Do not add water or oils while the diffuser is on.
  • Place cover back on the diffuser. Rotate the cover to the desired direction of where you would like the mist to go.
  • Plug in to an AC power outlet.
  • Press the MIST button on the right once to turn on the diffuser. This will also allow the diffuser to run for one hour. Press MIST twice to move indicator light to the 3H position for 3 hours of operation; press MIST three times to move indicator light to the 6H position for 6 hours of operation. For continual operation, press MIST four times to return to ON.
  • Press the LIGHT button once and a light display will cycle through a series of soothing colors. Press LIGHT again if you want to stop on one color and not cycle through all of the colors. Press LIGHT a third time and it will turn the light to low intensity.
  • If you do not use the diffuser for an extended period of time, please drain out the water from the tank and use a soft cloth to dry it out completely and then let air dry for a period of time. Once fully dry inside, place the cover back on the diffuser. Use a mild detergent to periodically clean the tank.
  • Diffuser will automatically shut off the mist and lights when water runs out.