Mother E True Joy Enhancer
Mother E TRUE JOY blend roll-on and standard bottles
Mother E TRUE JOY blend roll-on bottle
Mother E True Joy Enhancer
Mother E TRUE JOY blend roll-on and standard bottles
Mother E TRUE JOY blend roll-on bottle

True Joy


 - (10ml-15ml)

Epic roadtrips. A pillow fight. The aroma of grandma’s cookies baking. TRUE JOY by Mother E has the energetic signature of bright sunshine on a spring day. Tangerine, lemon, bergamot, orange, lavender and more beckon your spirit to take flight and encourage you to live with unrestrained freedom.

How to Use

“I am joyful. I am creative. I am important. I am beautiful.”
Citrusy, refreshing and energetic, TRUE JOY is just that—high vibrations in a bottle. Use to energize your spirit and give creativity a boost.
Create a ME Moment: Begin your day with happiness, playfulness and a cheerful nature by placing 3–4 drops of oil and water into a Mother E Diffuser and disperse through the bedroom or bathroom as you are getting ready. While at work, sniff directly from the bottle to reinforce your sunny demeanor and go-with-the-flow attitude. Peace and light are your true essence, Beautiful One.
Take a cue from the tips below to create your own ME Moment. Find your favorite and share on social media using the hashtag #MEMoment:

  • Diffuse in any room of your home, in your car, at the office and even to create a mood for a social gathering or during meditation using the Mother E Diffuser.
  • Using the Mother E Spray Bottle, spritz on pillows, in the linen closet, in your shoes and to freshen upholstery and drapes.
  • Use a few drops of oil while bathing or showering.
  • Add a 1–2 drops to palms, rub together and then cup hands in front of nose and inhale deeply.
  • Inhale directly from the bottle, close eyes and become centered in the moment.


  • Combine a few drops of oil with Mother E FCO to create a massage lotion and/or moisturizer.
  • Rub on wrists, behind ears and on neck for a natural fragrance. Use caution to avoid eyes.
  • Place 2–3 drops in a basin of warm water for a relaxing foot soak.
  • Apply to soles and tops of feet and over ankles.

General Precautions: Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears and sensitive areas. Potential skin sensitivity, dilute with Mother E Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO). Avoid sunlight or UV rays for up to 12 hours after applying product. 
**Mother E is not liable for any damages incurred to household furniture, upholstery, surfaces or to sensitive areas in the home. It is recommended that you test a small patch of the aforementioned items. 
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Product Details


Citrus tangerina (Tangerine) Oil, Citrus limon (Lemon) Oil, Citrus bergamia (Bergamot BF) Oil, Citrus sinensis (Orange) Oil, Citrus aurantifolia (Lime) Oil, Lavendula angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium) Oil, Vanilla planifolia (Vanilla Absolute).

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